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Oranje Meisieskool Drama & Technology

Oranje Meisieskool, Drama & Technology 



(with Incline Architects) This Photo: Natie Botes (Acorn Construction)

The client’s brief asked for a new drama and technology building to be designed on a small slither of land between two existing buildings: the Cape Dutch-inspired art building on the western side and the more standard classroom block towards the east and south of the site. The site borders the northern boundary of the school with a boundary wall and the busy Harry Smith Street. The design challenge was to fit a rather large accommodation onto a west/east facing site that did not look crowded and above all, fitted in on the campus of this prestigious school. We felt that the architectural language should acknowledge the existing, yet announces its presence with a modern and fresh appearance. On the south side, a new staircase was added to relief the school's circulation. This creates the opportunity to create a landscaped small amphitheater beneath it. We used sunscreens west (an element used elsewhere on campus as well) and corrugated iron east (to reduce glare to the next door classes). 

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