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Furniture Fair, 2020
Arboretum Ave 2, Bloemfontein

This client bought an old dilapidated house near the CBD of Bloemfontein to be refurbished into a showroom and offices for a furniture outlet. An approach of Adaptive Reuse was followed by keeping the old house (middle part with two gables) and added two wings to it. The folded wing on the right hand will house the avant garde residential furniture and we used  folded sheets and mesh to screen off the severe western sun but also to act as a billboard for the new outlet coming up the busy street towards the building.  The other wing left is mainly dedicated to office furniture.

(Photo credit: Devan Ludick, Anelda Bouwer, Jan Smit)

Construction: Tau Pele  Construction

Engineer: Alwyn le Roux

Quantity Surveyors: Verster Berry

South Western view_ photo Devan Ludick
Western View, Photo Devan Ludick
Furniture Fair
Suid before and after.jpg
Furniture Fair  Existing building's verandah with fabric library and seating right       J
Furniture Fair Interior view left verandah and right view from staircase towards screen
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