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House Hattingh

House Hattingh

Oubos Estate,Bloemfontein 


House Hattingh is situated in a gated estate on the outskirts of Bloemfontein. Following the guidelines of the estate of rendered, earth coloured walls and pitch tile roofs, the mass of the house was broken up into separate pavilions for separate functions. The gable facing the silo houses the living areas, the one to the right is the bedrooms and opposite this, creating a courtyard east into the forest is the family room. Behind the garages is the kitchen services and herb garden courtyard.


The first photo shows the inspiration for the silo with gable (a traditional farmstead not far from here). The firm uses the silo in function (pantry) similar to what a farm will use it for, namely gathering of harvest supplies. The main volume with kitchen, dining and sitting areas is an open plan shed space, from where one is constantly aware of the silo's apex in the center of the gable. 

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